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Pete Cannon On PMP Worldwide

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Pete Cannon keeps up the momentum by signing up to the worlds leading producers networking site pmpworldwide.

Set for a busy schedule with UK artists, Stig, Kyza, Yogi, King Kaiow and many more as well as his work with Tactical Thinking and Surreal Knowledge this young producers music career is about to step up a gear as his music becomes more in demand with noteable artists oversea’s as well as in the UK, it seems PMP was the next step for this synth fanatic and his work.


Keep in tuned with Pete Cannon at PETE CANNON MUSIC BLOG


Jaisu and S-Type – On PMP Worldwide

Producers Market Place Worldwide

Producers Market Place Worldwide

After recently signing up to the On It Management team Jaisu and S-Type are now touting their talents on the industry recognised Production Market Place.

Two of the UK’s finest producers are now stepping their game up for what looks set to be an exciting 2009.  Joints  are already done with some of the games dopest rhymers and a whole load more in the works  it’s going to be a busy year ahead for these 2 ill beatmakers…..Keep intuned for all the updates as they happen.