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Pete Cannon On PMP Worldwide

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Pete Cannon keeps up the momentum by signing up to the worlds leading producers networking site pmpworldwide.

Set for a busy schedule with UK artists, Stig, Kyza, Yogi, King Kaiow and many more as well as his work with Tactical Thinking and Surreal Knowledge this young producers music career is about to step up a gear as his music becomes more in demand with noteable artists oversea’s as well as in the UK, it seems PMP was the next step for this synth fanatic and his work.


Keep in tuned with Pete Cannon at PETE CANNON MUSIC BLOG


IRS – Glasgow Show

Not the usual thing we do on the site but we gotta support the forthcoming IRS gig in Glasgow.

 All the info you need to know is on the flyer below…..Big up’s to Neilski the promoter who’s putting it on, gonna be a crazy night of UK Hip Hop so make sure you get down to this one.


IRS – What Next After The Success Of 2008

Download -The World Is Almost Theirs - Click Image

Download -The World Is Almost Theirs - Click Image

Winners of the Best Urban Music 2008 Indy Music Award……..Quite an achievement for a crew of sick MC’s / Beatmakers and DJ’s who have no intention of watering shit down to fit in. The IRS are one of the most favoured UK rap groups and always seem to be on peoples radars when it comes to talking about who their checkin for on the scene.
Held together by the highly focused Ed Strong IRS consists of Ed Strong, King Kaiow, Superb, Random DV and DJ Guide One.


“We’re currently working on our new album which is due out this summer, it’s yet untitled but its coming together real nice, im excited about how it’s progressing and with the sounds on there, definately stepped it up a gear on this project. I think we learnt from the mistakes of the first album and were approaching writing with a bit more structure and depth.

We’ll also be dropping another mixtape before the release of the album as a little promo for everyone…..just to wet their appetite and let them know IRS is looking to capitolise on everything past and build on the fanbase we gained last year. Its going to be on the same vibe as our promo mixtape in 07 and we should be dropping regular freebies and freestyles before the release”.

In the mean time keep an eye on the myspace / facebook for updates

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